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Graphic designer, illustrator, photographer
and all round doodler.

What I can do...

Hello! Thanks for visiting my site.

My start was in fine art, followed by working within the corporate sector in studios for litho, digital and flexo printing presses. I can design for your needs with a good working knowledge of the processes involved - achieving better results for you.

Whether you require hand drawn illustrations, clean and corporate trade stationery, fresh logo design, packaging graphics or even photo editing, I can help.

You will find no ego, no pretensions and no sales waffle with me. Just a unique and high quality service, targeting your own needs, to the best of my abilities.


About me...

I have been drawing since I could grasp a crayon, and working in the graphics and pre-press industry since I was 16 (over half my life, 20+ years now... I feel so old!), then trading self-employed as 'Alf Designs' since 2005.

I am a Derbyshire lass, living and working in the beautiful countryside of Stepps, near Glasgow.

Love coffee, cats, my partner Stephen, Cancer Research UK, LEGO and walking... not in that order! ;)

I enjoy what I do, so it shows in my work. Just like a smile shows in the unseen voice.


Recent work...

Here are a few recent examples of my work...
This section will keep getting updated, so please pop back for a nosy.

I work for several print management companies on a regular freelance basis,
so for the sake of discretion, not everything I do can be displayed publicly.

Psst... There are lots more examples on my facebook page and LinkedIn profile too (links in the footer below)

And if you like LEGO as I do, you may want to take a look at my hobby site, Purple Trees


Hopefully by this point you like my work and want to get in touch.

If you're interested in possibly working with me, please contact by email with the link below,
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Say 'Hello'...

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Stepps (near Glasgow): 0141 530 4806
Chesterfield (Derbyshire): 01246 887 376

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